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Robert Steven Connett Profile Image

Robert Steven Connett (USA, Los Angeles)

15 Jun 2011

Modern Art

website: http://www.rsconnett.com

Born in 1951 in San Francisco, California, I began drawing and painting at the age of 27. I continued to create artwork as a hobby for 20 years during which time I owned and operated an insurance brokerage firm in San Francisco. I sold the firm in 1998 at age 47 after my home and art collection was destroyed by a fire. I then moved to Los Angeles in 2003 where I began my full time art career at the age of 52.

Robert Steven Connett image

caption: FLORA vs FAUNA 18" x 18"

Robert Steven Connett image

caption: CRUSTACEAPODS - 24" X 24" acrylic on canvas

preview: http://www.grotesque.com//museum/NewVmmPages/crustaceapods.html

Robert Steven Connett image

caption: PHARMAGARDEN - 18" X 24" acrylic on wood panel

preview: http://www.flickr.com/photos/connett/5809782941/in/photostream

Robert Steven Connett imageRobert Steven Connett image

caption: ANTAGONY 24"H X 48" W ~ Acrylic on canvas

preview: http://www.grotesque.com//museum/NewVmmPages/antagony_LRG_01.html

Robert Steven Connett image

caption: DREAMS ~ 24" w x 18" h ~ acrylic on canvas

preview: http://www.grotesque.com//museum/NewVmmPages/dreams_nightmares.html

Robert Steven Connett image

caption: CAPITULATION ~ 18" x 18" acrylic on panel

preview: http://www.grotesque.com//museum/NewVmmPages/capitulation.html

Robert Steven Connett image

caption: NIGHT TRAWLER ~ 22" h X 28" w ~ acrylic on canvas

preview: http://www.grotesque.com//museum/NewVmmPages/NightTrawler.html