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The Arcade Movement

Over the past few decades, the 80’s gaming era has inspired many designers and artist from all around the world. Examples of this can be found across all creative mediums, from street art to industrial design to interior design. He...

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Pieter Malherbe

Starting off his career as a Print designer Pieter soon went over to the Dark side where he developed digital experience at various agencies like Dare Digital, DLKW London, Ogilvy One, George Patterson and Mark.


He n...

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Lara Zankoul (Lebanon, Beirut)

28 Apr 2011


For me, photography is an escape from reality. I use my camera to create dreamlike, surreal scenes and images, without ever completely detaching myself from the real world. I believe that the moment should be created rather than caught, and that pictures should tell stories and create tales rather than document. My editing work is based on color editing and texturizing, mainly to add some magic and recreate the mood.