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The Arcade Movement

Over the past few decades, the 80’s gaming era has inspired many designers and artist from all around the world. Examples of this can be found across all creative mediums, from street art to industrial design to interior design. He...

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Daisy Kannis

Clocking 10+ years as a Designer and Graphic Artist in both the Design and Advertising industries, Daisy has worked on a broad range of high profile clients. Now? She is happily working as Senior Studio Artist for multi-national advertis...

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Thom Isom (England, Liverpool)

23 Mar 2011

Graphic Design

website: http://www.thomisom.com

Creative graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK. I specialise in branding, print, promotion and mixed media graphic design. I enjoy geometry, porridge and music strictly from Scandinavia.

Thom Isom image

caption: Ludd - Curvestitch Typography

preview: http://www.thomisom.com/ludd.html

Thom Isom imageThom Isom imageThom Isom image

caption: Craft to Design