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Over the past few decades, the 80’s gaming era has inspired many designers and artist from all around the world. Examples of this can be found across all creative mediums, from street art to industrial design to interior design. He...

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Chris B. Murray Profile Image

Chris B. Murray (USA, Philadelphia)

13 Sep 2012

Digital Art

website: http://www.chrisbmurray.com

I work both traditionally and digitally, I'd say 70 / 40 mixture. I am well versed in most media including oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen & ink, marker & pencil.

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Panagis Matsangouras Profile Image

Panagis Matsangouras (UK, London)

20 Aug 2012

Digital Art

website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/panagis/sets/72157625217702055/

With a background in Graphic Design, I now have focused on Illustration and more precise on Children's Books Illustration. I try to capture the essence and energy of my subjects and re-envision them in a way to excite and inspire. What I would like my work to do is inspire children to become creative themselves. My work is usually digital and I use custom made digital brushes.

caption: Crocodile and Egyptian Plovers

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Mr Go Profile Image

Mr Go (Uk, London)

09 Aug 2012

Digital Art

website: http://www.mrgo.co.uk

This piece called 'My Black Heart' is about mans innate lust for the divine woman. The inverted triangle or heart shape is a well known ancient symbol for woman and the power this half of our species hold. Combine this with some overtly erotic drippy lips and you've got yourself a pretty sexy night in.

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Muriel Agurto R Profile Image

Muriel Agurto R (Chile, Valparaiso)

25 Apr 2012

Digital Art

website: http://www.murielagurto.com

Im Muriel Agurto R,(24) Graphic design, from Chile.I love create digital art, play around with science fiction and surrealism ideas, using photoshop.

caption: Apocalipsis

preview: www.murielagurto.com

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giulio iurissevich Profile Image

giulio iurissevich (italy, pordenone)

19 Apr 2012

Digital Art

website: http://www.giulio-iurissevich.com

illustrator,graphic designer and urban artist

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Daniel Bradatanu Profile Image

Daniel Bradatanu (UK, London)

16 Apr 2012

Digital Art

website: http://danb13.deviantart.com/

I am a young artist focusing on digital art. I have completed portraits both through traditional art and digital art. The main styles of art that interests me are caricatures and portraits. I drew many caricature sketches traditionally and I colored them with a digital tablet. At the moment I have explored different styles of art including fan art. I believe that fan art reflects my best work as It portrays my strenghts as a digital artist. Thanks for reading and hope that you enjoy my art!

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T Bob Profile Image

T Bob (US, US)

10 Apr 2012
dabomba silver
k3-studio Profile Image

k3-studio (Japan, Osaka)

01 Mar 2012

Digital Art

website: http://k3-studio.deviantart.com/

abstract, 3D, colorful, wallpaper

dabomba bronze
Marcelo Gallegos Profile Image

Marcelo Gallegos (United States, New York City)

28 Feb 2012

Digital Art

website: http://niceghost.com

My work is influenced by a number of art historical and pop cultural references. 19th Century illustration, Japanese painting and printmaking, horror movies, manga, ghosts, and monsters all come together to create my ephemeral and detailed world. I use a combination of traditional and digital media to execute my work, achieving an effect which is at once contemporary, but with its roots set in a bygone era.

caption: Lupus. Mixed media and digital.

preview: http://niceghost.com

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Maxim Larin Profile Image

Maxim Larin (Ukraine, Kiev)

05 Feb 2012

Digital Art

website: http://max-larin.blogspot.com/

How would I describe my artworks ? I think they are quite surrealistic, but surrealism is cold and my works are rather warm. Not only by color, but by the mood as well, based on my opinion. There are many fairy tales, I really enjoy them!

caption: Dreams of White Queen