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Clocking 10+ years as a Designer and Graphic Artist in both the Design and Advertising industries, Daisy has worked on a broad range of high profile clients. Now? She is happily working as Senior Studio Artist for multi-national advertis...

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23 Sep 2011

Over the past few decades, the 80’s gaming era has inspired many designers and artist from all around the world. Examples of this can be found across all creative mediums, from street art to industrial design to interior design. Here are a few favourites we’ve come across.


Invader - Street Artist

Every street art enthusiast knows Invader. The popular urban artist from France is well known for his 80’s arcade inspired mosaics. In more recent works, he has taken inspiration from other pop art cultures and also started Rubikcubism, which consists of artworks made of Rubik's Cubes. Invader has literally invaded the world, with pieces througout many major cities. Keep a lookout for exhibition details near you.


Igor Chad - Donkey Kong Wall and Invader chair

Industrial designer Igor Chad, brilliantly took his arcade fetish and turned it into the Space Invader couch. Constructed from memory foam, leather and glass it could possibly be a retro gamers dream (pending a comfort test). Igor then climbs the ladder to the next level with his striking Donkey Kong Wall. Strong, light and a great adaptation, I can already see the perfect toy collection filling up these shelves. If only these arcade designs became a commercial reality.


Pacman ghost lamps

Weather you enjoy working in the dark or your looking for a cool night lamp for your 2 year old, Pacman ghost lamps will provide you with a friendly glow. You can choose from all four game colours, or if your a real hardcore fan, get the whole set. Available from thinkgeek.com


iCade iPad 80's arcade

Thinkgeek are also set to bring you iCADE (the iPad Arcade Cabinet). If you love your iPad and love classic arcade games then you should check this out. By sliding your iPad into the iCade Cabinet, you'll be able to play some of your old favorite games from Atari using a retro style arcade controller. Thinkgeek are due to start taking orders in June but you can stay updated on the release here.


Pinel and Pinel 80's arcade

If your after a jump up from the iCade, then I don’t think you can jump further then the Pinel & Pinel arcade 80's trunk. This beautiful machine is fitted with a 1080p LCD screen, a High definition sound system and 60 classic titles including Pacman, Space Invaders and 1942. Ready to take on the catwalk, its dressed in premium calfskin with a choice of 51 colours, or also available in crocodile and shagreen skin on request. With a price tag similar to that of a small car, most will have to fantasize, however could be perfect for that CEO wanting to fill up some empty space in the office.


Le Gentil Garçon - pacman

Finally lets check out the skeleton of pacman. Artist Le Gentil Garçon, has a very impressive and large body of work, which explores an array of mediums and variety of styles. This 65cm diameter resin fossil was Le Gentil Garçon's second version of pacman created in 2004 in collaboration with palaeontologist Francois Escuilie. As amazing as this piece is, it's a little sad to know pacmans dead.


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20 Oct 2010

Finally after a year we bring you Dabomba. Well we didn't spend a full year on it, but after you add all the time procrastinating and fitting it in between projects, it's finally gone live!!!  So what next? When creating dabomba, we were selfish in wanting an online scrapbook of fresh creative work so that we could stay up to date on what's new. However, at the end of the day this site is not just for us, but for all creative minds alike.  

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